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Product Photography for a USB Recorder used in the Post Production industry. Photographs are being used for marketing materials and product manuals (data sheets)

A company approached me to photograph a new USB Recorder and provide several photographs to replace existing product placeholder images used in a data sheet. The data sheet required three product shots. I also provided two extra photographs which will be used for compositing in various backgrounds images.

The products were all photographed in the studio using an 85mm lens which allowed me to focus closely onto the product without distorting perspective. I used soft diffused lighting (strobes & large softbox) directly from above and added reflectors to fill in areas of shadow and create additional highlights on button surfaces. All images were photographed on a dark backdrop. I used a slightly slower shutter speed than usual (1/30th) to allow for the LED lights to be exposed properly especially because this one of the key features of the product. I used a very low ISO (below ISO64) and I attached the camera to a secure tripod

Everything was captured in camera. I use a specific blower to remove dust hairs and general marks before photographing products as this greatly reduces post production times for re-touching images. Shooting such high resolutions with crisp lenses can easily show up marks that you’re unable to see during shooting so I find it’s always useful to make sure surfaces and products are clean before shooting. All images were shot RAW and processed in Photoshop as PSD’s. Once the images were complete I send the client j-pegs to review. Once everything was approved I sent the printing company flattened PSD files to be used for printing


Product studio photography USB recorder newbury berkshire

Product studio photography USB recorder newbury berkshire

Product studio photography USB recorder newbury berkshire

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