Artwork Photographer

JawPhotography can capture detailed, high-resolution photographs of paintings and artwork for professional artists using a combination of very high end digital cameras, studio equipment and techniques. Our studio gear is fully portable so we can take our studio gear to you eliminating the need to transport your delicate and valuable artwork to another location for photographing.

If you need a photographer to photograph your paintings and artwork please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Further details on Art Painting Photography
We’ve photographed a wide variety of large scale paintings which have been exhibited and sold all around the world.

Using the correct techniques for photographing paintings we capture all of the details making sure colours, brush stokes and textures are perfectly replicated and represented in the final images whilst eliminating hotspots and flare often visible when capturing varnished artwork with flash.

The photographs we capture can be delivered in a variety of formats commonly used for online purposes (websites, social media, online portfolios) and print (brochures, books, posters) delivered from exceptionally high resolution colour accurate files.