Business Corporate Portrait Photography

Using a typical office based environment I photographed corporate / business portraits which will be used for resumes, CV’s, social media, LinkedIn and more. The portrait was captured with a mixture of techniques and lighting sources (flash, daylight and tungsten).

It was a channeling environment due to an unexpected dark evening, mixtures of lighting sources from office lights and a brightly coloured decor. This is great for an inspiring and creative working environment but it can more tricky for a photographer to photograph correctly. The aim was to create a business portrait which can be used for pretty much anything relating to the business and corporate world. Therefore we needed to create a business look and feel which is why a typical office environment was the perfect choice.

For the lighting we used a single studio flash light on the talent as a key light which is perfect for lighting the face and foreground table only. Using a longer exposure than usual we were able to capture the background using lights already available in the office. Of-course the background lights weren’t daylight balanced but this actually helped to provide nice colourful backgrounds which were blurred by using a longer lens designed for capturing portraits and isolating the subjects from the background. The table in the photograph was a pure white graphical table which was actually perfect for bouncing some soft light back into the face and under the chin.

The talent was very easy to work with and we managed to capture a wide variety of portraits from different parts of the office using different lenses to provide some alternating looks and techniques. We captured some great photographs using the Sigma Art 50mm f1.4 but personally some of my favourites shots (shown below) were captured on the Nikon 105mm.

The images below didn’t require any heavy post processing and colour correction techniques. Simply adjustments to the blacks, whites, contrast with small colour balancing tweaks was enough which is great because it cuts back on post processing times and allows me to write a small blog post as a result.

Excluding the photographs which were not chosen we captured a total of 70 portrait photographs using the Nikon D810.


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